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Leaving it all in Christmas Bay...
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Winter Solstice is a time of reflection, forgiveness, and transforming inner peace. What a better setting for this to happen than in a kayak on Christmas Bay as the sun morphs into twilight and a full moon is shining down upon 10 souls dipping paddles in calm water. WB testifies to the existence of the elusive green flash. The flashing squid hat adds to his sincerity. A floating cadre of glowing nightsticks and holiday chatter glided past rafts of seagulls setting in for the night. Finned predators snare unsuspecting bait on the surface in their quest to bulk up for a colder season ahead.

Unmistakable squawks of great blue herons gave indication of the looming shoreline. A soft crunch confirms a sandy bottom for an opportunity to stretch legs and adjust gear for ideal paddling comfort. Past regrets are left in the brine with each paddle stroke, broken promises are wiped clean in the bow wave. The useless emotion of pent up resentment is cast off into darkness as Christmas Bay returns with absolution, no penance required.

Coastal hunters who competed with the Carancua’s for the bounties of the bay, yipped, yapped, and howled prior to starting out on their nightly search for sustenance to share with growing pups. Rattlesnake Point on the Southwest shoreline provided another break before turning the kayaks to a 60* heading for the final leg of a triangular route. A well documented post-trip practice is to decompress at the take-out. Cheese, crackers and late night laughs made the moment. A lone coyote nosing around the Amigo Lane shoreline was unconcerned with human existence.

This trip leader is grateful for the team that magically produced 3 hatch covers to fulfill a partner’s quest make this special outing. Packed up, strapped down, it was time to slip onto the highway. Thank you Christmas Bay, HASK friends and family. Whether you need to or not, leave it all in the bay. Merry Christmas!  Photo by Natalie Wiest 
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