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Update 2, Sterling IceKap with photos
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Hi Linda. I met you last year on an Armand Bayou trip. The boat is beautiful and I’m definitely interested. Any chance I can meet you and take a closer look as well as talk to you about it? Sheila Hartis

Phone 713 8649220.

So sorry for a lousy photo link! To see the photos, go to this link:

YES, 32 lbs!!

This is the ultimate best boat in the world, and I only wish I'd discovered it sooner before I aged out. It is stable, super fast, turns on a dime, tracks well (there's a center-mounted skeg for windy weather), and is laughably easy to roll. It is in near-like-new condition, only a few scratches on the hull. Perfect for smaller paddlers. Super strong, it's made of 5 layers of kevlar, carbon and other space-age fabrics and built by Sterling Donaldson in Bellingham Washington, not China. I bought it in 2012 for $6000, and today it sells for about $7000. I am asking $4800, and I promise this will be the happiest boating buy you'll ever make.

You can see lots more about these amazing kayaks on the Sterling website at

To see how this boat was made, go to, and/or

There is a link above to pictures of me in this boat, often with my kayak dog Chipper, always smiling! In one picture, you'll see George Watanabe trying out the boat, and I also have a picture showing where I've stored the boat -- there is also a boat cover over each boat in addition to the overhead cover. The boat cover and cockpit cover are included with the boat.

For an intro to Dubside's boat (Dubside was a world greenland rolling champ) go to His boat is a slightly older version than mine.

I'll have this boat at the HASK Picnic and Demo Day on June 5. When it made its first appearance at a boat day, it was the hit of the picnic. Everyone wanted to paddle it, and when a prominent member of the club not known for spurious jollity rolled it he came up laughing and almost went over again because rolling was so easy. (He subsequently went out to Bellingham and bought his own.)

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