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Update 2, Performa L with photos
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Sorry about the non-functional photo link in the previous email. Here is a link that should work for photos!

For sale: Mayan Seas Performa L, very good condition.

16.5", 52 lbs, fiberglass. This is a great boat for a heavier paddler, and according to a review by a 6'2" 235-lb paddler, a good fit. For me it was a little big (you can see in the pictures, which you can get to in your email using the link above) that it was riding a little high out of the water with me in it) -- even so, it was very fast and very maneuverable, as well as stable. You can put this boat on edge with no worries, and a newbie will feel confident in it right away.

I also had a previous version of the Performa with a higher back deck that was hard to roll, but the newer Performa L is fairly easy. It is also comfortable. The boat was designed and made in Mexico by Raphael, who is a wonderful guy to paddle with and buy from (I went on a Mexican trip with him back in the day). Ken Johnson in Corpus paddled and sold these boats for many years.

The boat has two regular hatches, plus a day hatch, and all have been watertight. Also it has loads of room for camping gear, and is about ideal for that. There are no major scratches or dings, and the boat has been stored under shelter (as shown in the picture, and also with a boat cover. The cover is included in the price.

I paddled this boat until I discovered the IceKap (also for sale), and I can say that the Performa is a very good boat, but a little big for me at 120 lbs. In 2005, a new Performa cost about $1500, and I am asking $500.

I will have the boat at the HASK Boat Day on June 5 so you can check it out. For reviews of the Performa L, go to

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