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Free for the taking -- Thule Slipstream kayak carr...
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Both are taken -- no more.


Hi Kar.

Would love to have one of these if I'm early enough.


Our 2015 Highlander has fixed mounting points for the load bars that carry the kayak saddles. The mounting points were too close together to safely strap down my kayaks without stress the heck out of my cockpit combings. The Thule slipstream was the answer. You can put the saddles for you kayak virtually anywhere on your roof regardless of where your roof mounting points are. I spent way too much on these, used them for one trip to Hilton Head, and since have relied on my 4Runner to carry my boats. I have two Slipstream carriers and they are free for the taking for the first one of you that raises their hand. Here is an old amazon like I was able to find. Don't think this is even offered in the US any more. Reply by email to

Karl Brauer

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