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Kayak shortages/price increases
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Hi Lynne.
Great information.  Is there a particular make/model of marine wax for fiberglass that stands out (McGuiar's, 303, Star Brite, 3M, etc.)?
Thank you,

Just a FYI...Many kayak, spray skirt, and paddle manufacturers are reporting fabric and resin shortages and price increases. Shipping containers are also held up with shipping costs going up by double or triple. Paddle and trade magazines are confirming that this is the true. Thus, I been warned that NDK kayaks will increase in price by $500 t0 $750 in 2022. (Thankfully, I'm getting RiverCoast's pending order at 2021 prices.) Your old kayaks are now more valuable as demand for used kayaks is up also. Hold on to them and care for them. Note - UV inhibitors in marine wax (for Fiberglass and carbon/Kevlar) and 303 (for plastics and hatch covers) really help!

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