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Pair of Malone Telos load assists - suit SUV / van...
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I have a pair of Malone Telos Load Assists in excellent condition for sale at $50  

These are about $250 new, so priced to sell. I will have them at the HASK picnic.

Here is the Malone video which demonstrates them:

They are only useful if you transport kayaks on Malone J cradles on the roof bars of a SUV / van / sedan. Can be used on both sides of the vehicle if you have more than one kayak in J cradles.  They won't work on other rack systems or on vehicle which don't have a solid side (i.e. metal or glass) below the roof bars.

They are a ratchet system - you load the kayak on the load assists at waist level, then lift it up to near rack level, letting the ratchets bear the weight. Unloading is the reverse - the kayak comes down under control without you actually holding the full weight.

I used them on my old truck which had a hard shell canopy on the load bed. They worked very well, especially at the end of day when kayaks seem to get heavier.

Rob Plenderleith
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