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Full surfing package $650 (kayak, paddle, skirt, h...
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May 10.  This kayak has been withdrawn from sale for now.  Delivery of my new surf kayak has been delayed until late June and if I sell the Delphin I will have nothing left to paddle.   I do expect to offer the Delphin, paddle, helmet, spray skirt for sale later in 2017.

Kayak surfing  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< link to photos.  Look for the orange Delphin.  If you see the photo "Good waves at Quintana" you'll see the kayak, paddle, and helmet.

I'm cleaning house, and have a full set of used but serviceable surfing gear for sale for $650. This is an opportunity to buy a set of good quality gear at a low price, and find out if you like surf kayaking.

The kayak is in the HASK photo pages (surf kayaking), and is known to perform well in big surf (and small surf !). It's a P&H Delphin 155, orange, with lots of scuffs and scratches but no structural damage. Weight = 55 lbs.   It has metal Yakima foot pegs and extended single strand toggles. I have the seat back kit and can reinstall if needed. No skeg or under-front-deck storage pod (basically, all moving parts which are not mission critical have been removed.)

The paddle is a Werner Sherpa, single piece, fiberglass spec, with a few wear marks. It's a whitewater paddle, and very strong. A very nice surf paddle.

There is a Seals 1.7 spray skirt, with a few "moth holes" around the cockpit rim (this happens during rescues), but serviceable. There's also an Immersion Research skirt if you prefer, but it's had more surf use and looks a bit scruffy.

Lastly there is a Scrappy helmet (that's a brand, not a condition), which has seen some service but will go on for a while yet.

Please contact me if you are interested. A test paddle is easily arranged.

Rob Plenderleith (
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